Inespacio carried out a careful selection and analysis by our consultants on the purchase of an asset that is of greatest interest to our investment partners with a few main objectives:

– Mortgage Debt
– Soils
– Singular Buildings
– Structures half-finished or promotions from financial institutions and bankruptcy
– Consulting
– Construction and Development

Our Investment Principles:

In Inespacio investment strategies adhere to five interrelated principles: flexibility, innovation, risk management, discipline and transparency. Each principle is to identify intelligent and profitable asset management approach, together, are a better strategic approach in its class, allowing us to successfully deploy capital and human resources in various market conditions.

* Flexibility and Innovation
Using extensive experience in management and financial acumen in our investments, reflected in a firm-wide flow of complex financial strategies and the operational and implementation requirements.

* Risk Management
We are deeply committed to investor protection through comprehensive risk mitigation. Our business model is based on vigorous due diligence, in strict compliance with and implementation of solutions based on efficient, creativity and an optimal organization.

* Discipline
In Inespacio this is an important and deep unwavering courage; so we are rigorously disciplined about where and how to invest, based on a rigorous analysis of real value, and conservative of opportunity for value creation projections through operational efficiency.

* Transparency
We demand a culture of strong corporate governance and a firm commitment to financial and operational transparency and best practices.